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developed country. in 2011, 9100 gun related murders and compare that to japan who had just 11. first off hand gun ownership in japan illegal. and the only time of gun you can own is a shotgun, the process to buy one, more than complicated, you have to pass tests and a shooting range class and a mental and drug test, then you have to pass a back ground check and not only do you have to lock and store your gun, you have to tell the police exactly where in your home that gun will be stored at all times and they are going to check. i am grant lodes, kron 4 news. >>> bay area schools have seen their share of violence. the school district has been beefing ufsecurity over the -- up security over the last few years. that is considered a model for how to protect students. >> one of the things that the school does is it is gated all the way around. access is limited. >> the school has 5 communities safety officers a local police officer and students and staffers have to wear photo i.d. six months ago 600 security cameras were installed. a third of the schools have already been updated. the day aft
think it was the launch of a test of a banned ballistic missile. japan is looking to the united nations security council for consultations on the launch. the associated press is reporting one unnamed american space expert says that the rocket launch was a satellite sent into orbit. >>> we are already seeing rain around the bay area right now. it's very spotty. overnight we will see a storm push through the bay area, but it's only going to bring us spotty showers and thundershowers. it's a blast of cold air that's leading to this instability. when we have thundershowers, we either say heavy rain, lightning or hail and the threat of this one will be hail. thursday and friday, no more rain expected. but look at the cold temperatures in the wake of this storm. this cell is pushing through hayward in union city now heading up toward the hill. heavier rain associated with that. satellite and radar, you can see this very spotty pattern here up to the north, and how spotty it is moving through. that's what we're going to be dealing with tomorrow. you can see the spotty pattern offshore. this i
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2